Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle
Glamorous Watercolor Bundle

Glamorous Watercolor Bundle

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Calligraphy with glittery/shimmery liquid watercolors is fun and so gorgeous, especially in those precious metal colors! Now you can get that look in Procreate! There is so much you can do with this bundle. Let your creativity run wild!

Here is the tutorial for this brush pack so you can see everything that you can do with these brushes.

🖊This isn’t your ordinary watercolor bundle. This is specially designed to make digital art that replicates the glittery/shimmery watercolors. You will be able to get 3 different looks, shimmery, foil and glitter. Each of these comes in paint brush style calligraphy and pointed pen. The textured edges in the paint brush style calligraphy can be made to look more realistic on rough paper textures.

🎨 You will also get 3 palettes, perfectly curated for you to get some gorgeous precious metal colors and fun vibrant foil colors! Like rose gold, gold, copper, silver, pink, purple, blue and so many more! There is one that is optimal for dark paper or backgrounds. Use these palettes as a guide to find more colors that work well with them.

💸If you bought everything individually it would be valued at $37, so you get to save $11 by purchasing the bundle! Here’s a little price breakdown!
Black textured paper-$2
3 Color Palettes- $3
white textured paint brush- $3
Textured Foil brush-$4
Pointed Pen Foil brush-$4
Textured Glitter brush-$4
Pointed Pen Glitter brush-$4
Textured shimmer brush- $4
Pointed pen Shimmer brush-$4
3 Splatter brushes-$2
2 Liquid watercolor Background brushes -$3

🛍 What you’ll get:
Blush River- Textured white paint
Blush River Glitter - pointed pen
Blush River Glitter - textured edge
Blush River Shimmer - pointed pen
Blush River Shimmer - textured edge
Blush River Foil - pointed pen
Blush Fiver Foil - textured edge
Hard Edge/Darken
Blush River Liquid Watercolor Square
Blush River Liquid Watercolor Round
Thick Paint flicks spray
Thick Paint Flicks Stamp-tiny
Thick Paint Flicks Stamp-condensed
1 Black textured card stock paper JPG 8x10
1 White watercolor paper texture JPG 8x10
1 Procreate color palette - glitter and shimmer brush
1 Procreate color palette - foil brush
1 Procreate color palette - for dark paper

🚩Due to the digital nature of this, it is final sale. It only works with Procreate on the Ipad and works best with the Apple Pencil. If your stylus is pressure sensitive it will work. It is your responsibility to know how to work Procreate, however I am happy to help you with any issues you may encounter. Feel free to message me with any questions. I am always happy to help. You may use this brush set for personal and business use, but you may not resell or alter these brushes.🚩

Thank you so much!