Expand Your Style - Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets
Expand Your Style - Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets
Expand Your Style - Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets
Expand Your Style - Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets

Expand Your Style - Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheets

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Learned the Basics of Modern Calligraphy and want to start finding your style? You've come to the right place! I have the perfect practice sheets for you! Trace Words, Basic Stroke Variations, the Alphabet, Symbols and Numbers that have a little more character and style to them than the basic strokes.

1 Procreate file, 12 PDF Practice Sheets, 2 Procreate Brushes, 1 Tutorial and Color Palette for my Dual Sequins brush.

You can practice them directly in Procreate with the Procreate file, print the pdf's and trace them at home, or import them into an app that accepts pdf files.

The basic strokes are basic for a reason, they are the base for Modern Calligraphy, but they aren't always the prettiest or "your own". Once you learn the rules, then you get to have fun and make them your own.

Use these practice sheets to help you find different ways to flourish your letters or write your letters. This won't be a comprehensive list of all the ways you can write with Modern Calligraphy, just one style, so make sure to keep practicing and finding all the ways to make Modern Calligraphy your own.

You'll also get to trace with my basic "Elliptic Script" procreate brush and my "Dual Color Sequins" procreate brush. Which has a color palette included. Make sure to read the pdf in your zip file, because it will have a tutorial linked for that brush. 

There is a lot in here, so here is a breakdown.


1 Procreate File with all the layers 

1 Elliptic Script Procreate Brush

1 Dual Color Sequins Procreate Brush

1 Dual Color Sequins Palette 

1 Tutorial to use the Dual Sequins brush and color palette


-1 BRD - Stroke Variations (1)

-1 BRD - Stroke Variations (2)

-1 BRD - Symbols and Numbers 

-1 BRD - ABC's

-1 BRD - Words _ New Years 

-1 BRD - Words _ Valentine's Day 

-1 BRD - Words _ St Patrick's Day 

-1BRD - Words _ Easter

-1BRD - Words _ Summer 

-1BRD - Words _ Halloween

-1BRD - Words _ Thanksgiving 

-1BRD - Words _ Christmas

🚩DISCLAIMER - Due to the nature of this, it is final sale. The Procreate brushes, color palette and Procreate file only work with Procreate on the Ipad and work best with the Apple Pencil. If your stylus is pressure sensitive it will work. It is your responsibility to know how to work Procreate, however I am happy to help you with any issues you may encounter. Feel free to message me with any questions. I am always happy to help. You may use the Procreate file and practice sheets for personal use only. The PDF's cannot be printed and handed out in a class or to others. You are purchasing this for yourself only. You may use the brushes and color palette to create items for your business, like cards etc. 🚩