4"x6" Procreate Card Template
4"x6" Procreate Card Template

4"x6" Procreate Card Template

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📝Do you want to make your own 4x6 greeting cards in Procreate? This will be a great asset to you.

You will get an 11x8.5 canvas sent to you that you will open up in Procreate. Once you open the canvas you will see 2 layers:

1. 4x6 outline
- instructions and arrows to show your customer where to fold and cut
- lines to keep your design on the card and centered
***This layer will remain on when you send the file to the customer.***

2. The middle guideline.
- this is just for you while you are making the card, to help keep your design on the card.
***You will turn this layer off when you send it to the customer.***

🚩Due to the digital nature of this item it is a final sale. It only works and was designed for Procreate, it will not work with any other programs. I will work with you the best I can if you run into any issues ❤️. I am always happy to troubleshoot if you are having trouble! Happy card making!🚩

Thank you so much!